Svetlana Loboda
Svetlana Loboda gave quite the show. Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)

In No particular order.

Norway - Well it *has* to be in the top 5 doesn't it?? - The bookies say it must, the fans say it must - but then again, *is* it the kind of thing the juries and televoters like... You would think that this would be the top 1 - but it's not a done deal.

UK - Yes, this song has its failings - but it also has its strengths. Finally a UK entry to be proud of!

France - This has been a revelation for me!! - I just stare at the screen, or at the stage - and stare, and stare... Patricia is Mesmeric!!

Greece - God I hate this song.... But I can see why this will end up top 5 - It has populist appeal ( damn the public!!)

Ukraine - This is a mess visually, but Europe aren't going to vote against a pretty woman and scantilly clad men are they?!!