And so it's over in all it's gloriousness ... ish... I doubt anyone guessed all ten correctly. A lot of the vocals fell well short of the mark including some big hitters. Makes you wonder how well they'll cope in the final. The draw slotting tonight's "winners" in augers well for the UK with two really dull songs either side of her. Isreal and Sweden are both screwed. Some might argue that Sweden are only there for the second year at the behest of the juries. We won't know for sure until Saturday.Turkey are well placed though. The keep Macedonia out rule seems to be working no matter what.

The after show party was a bit of a damp squib with only about four countries singers represented. The Czechs were determined to have a good time and Andorra and Belgium have proven very good sports and a lot of fun. There was a bizarre tranny cabaret show involving Kylie, Tina Turner, Gloria Gaynor and a cast of thousands. That just about killed us off and we went home. I decide to stay in bed as I've seen the Kremlin before and sleeps more fun.

This morning I've made my way into the venue to attend semi 2 dress. On the way on the metro two old dears were polishing the banisters by riding down the escalators. Very bizarre but strangely entertaining. I also go to a sports shop and buy some trainers as mine have worn through in the walking we've been doing. I'm really proud of this achievement in spite of the fact that it takes me until my third assistant before I locate the right person to pay. She tries to offer me a store card hopefully, but something tells me I'll have very little use for it after Saturday 😉 The shoes cost about the same price as last night's five prawns but I'll get far more enjoyment out of the shoes.

Onto semi final two all and more madness and conspiracy theories. At least Pedro should be happy. His girl will still be around on Saturday 🙂