What gave we learned?

Well firstly, before we crack into this one, a personal rant (something that I actually don't do all that often on here).

For all the people that think Russia qualified because they bought their qualification please wake up and smell the coffee. Even if they benefited from neighbourly televoting, it still only equates under the current system to four nations (Belarus, Estonia, Moldova and possibly Poland) giving maximum televotes (6 points). 24 points is not enough to get through to the final.

Someone, somewhere had to award points to make it up. Also, the juries need to be factored in. These were groups of 'music professionals' who we are told were instructed to vote for songs with hit potential.

Combine the 24 televotes with bits and bibs from Europe. And the fact that ten songs had to qualify from a weak field of songs. Of course Russia was going through.

Rant over, so what did we learn

Well, we learned that sparkly eyes and accordions can't mask the holes in your song.

We learned that actually singing in key helps (Mr God, I mean you).

That Europe likes boys with guitars singing songs.

That being at one with nature doesn't come across well.

That being on at the start didn't give you much of an advantage.

Ten songs through, 17 more to listen to 😉