1 (ONE) - If I'd spent the last week blogging from inside the arena, I would probably now think that Estonia was going to win it. However, I haven't.

2 (TWO) - Kuunkuiskajats' smiles could light up a room. And they were smiling really quite a lot.

3 (THREE) - Close up, Aisha has the knobbliest knees you'll ever see.

4 (FOUR) - I can pinpoint the precise moment when FYR Macedonia changes from a qualifier to a non-qualifier. Inappropriatest rapper ever.

5 (FIVE) - It's only the first male Belorussian that's going to stop them from winning the contest.

And finally 3 (THREE) - Don't forget when you're voting tonight to include the 05 at the end of your dialled number.