I just checked with the boss. “Finland WERE on 5th in semi 1 in Oslo, weren’t they?” He nodded. “With a song in Finnish, right?” He nodded again. It’s like I’m having a weird flashback.

Except…. Kuunkuiskaajat, lovely Kuunkuiskaajat have changed a bit in the interim. PKN have pretty much got this thing nailed, actually – they’ve turned the stage into a sympathetically grimy dive of a punk venue, kept it simple with sympathetically grimy camerawork. Oddly enough, for something with such a clear backstory, it’s the first thing I’ve seen so far with a simple honesty and authenticity about it. It’s anyone’s guess what Europe will make of it, but there’s no reason why it can’t find an audience.

I liked it quite a bit more than I thought I would. Chance to build another bridge and all that. Don’t get too excited just yet, but don’t cross it off your long list for a fine result – and if you already had, do me a favour and put it back on it.