But first, I do need to mention that Kuunkuiskaajat were absolutely marvelous in Oslo, weren’t they? Absolutely splendid. I may have been watching that during Greece’s first run-through, but it’s OK, I’ve stolen Maretka’s headphones so nobody will have minded.

I’m a reasonable man though, so I gave Maria Elena a couple of listens as well. It’s, what’s the word, serviceable. It’s a song of its type, performed perfectly well, no bells and whistles, no gimmicks, un-distracting clothing, cliched but situationally appropriate wind machine giving the long hair texture and movement. There have been 60 of these contests, and a song exactly like this has come 13th in EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. #surprisingeurovisionstatoftheday

Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this comes 13th. Probably with 74 points.