Fest 56

December 21st was supposed to be the longest night of the year, but believe you me, you've not sat through anything yet.

Tonight, RTSH will set out to prove they have NOTHING on mother nature with a near four-hour show to showcase the 14 songs that qualified from two semi-finals. All this followed by an aftershow lasting another 75 minutes!

MallEugent Bushpepa1st
EkzistonRedon Makashi2nd
PiedestalInis Neziri3rd
E dua botënArtemisa Mithi4th
I njëjti qiellManjola Nallbani5th
Ngrije zërinOrgesa Zaimi6th
Ra një yllRezarta Smaja & Luiz Ejlli7th
Sytë e shpirtitBojken Lako8th
UnëMariza Ikonomi9th
FjalëtElton Deda10th
Orë e ndalurTiri Gjoci11th
Zemër ku jeDenisa Gjezo12th
Tjetër jetëNA & Festina Mezini13th
E pamundurVoltan Prodani14th

There is going to be a lot of talking and "entertainment" going on this evening ... so much so that the world tiddlywinks championships sounds a more exciting viewing spectacle, but as we are a hardy Eurovision-loving race, I'm sure someone will be watching.

Clearly the jury of five professionals will be, because they are going to decide which song is going to get a make-over before the Eurovision Song Contest in May next year.

Stand down, everyone, this is just a warm-up!



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