Bit ropey vocally but again competent. It seems they have done away with the massive Presidential Basim banner, maybe a tad too much or perhaps they too can't afford to use it more than once, who knows.

What I do know is that this song is on point - vocally not that bad but the issue for me here is will it look silly with the "love" and "Basim" banners...... I'm still thinking 8th-13th if a little bit lower.

On the positive side Basim has had some Camerawork training in the last couple of days and has remembered its the one with the red light, he's working with his backing dancers and on the big note at the end he actually starts to sound believable which is a step p from Sunday.

In more banner news, they have merged the two banners so its Basim and Love in the same banner.

Still looks tacky at the end.