Saara Aalto

In (possibly) the most predictable final ever, the song that everyone thought would win, (Monsters), did indeed qualify for Lisbon by topping both the tele- and jury-vote.

Stretching three songs to an hour and twenty minutes of primetime TV is pushing it, but YLE packed the show with guest appearances and filler.

Monsters picked up around 40% of the televote, which somehow converted to 95 points.  The full - and completely predictable - result, looks like this ...

Song Jury Televote Total Psn
Monsters 88 95 183 1
Domino 84 75 159 2
Queens 68 70 138 3


Catcat from 1994 were excellent in the interval though and, in a Eurovision twist, one of the songwriters of Monsters is the son of Scott Fitzgerald! It's a small world is Eurovision.

Image Credits: YLE.