Destination Eurovision

Well, the songs were recorded last week, and now it's time to broadcast them. France 2 and TV5Monde plangoing to show the first French semi-final tonight (13th Jan). But, who are these hardy souls? I hear no one cry.

J'ai cruEhla
OK ou KOEmmy Liyana
I'll be thereEnéa
EvaLisandro Cuxi
Mamma miaLouka
L'un près de l'autreNoée
Jamais sans toiPheno Men

The format for tonight is a little convoluted.  Nine singers, nine songs - each performer then will sing a cover version of another song.

The juries (plural) will pick four songs for the final. The two juries will include three Francophones - one of them being Amir - and three non-Francophones (big shout out to Christer "9 points" Bjorkman).

I'm interested to see what they come up with - but whatever it is, you'll hear about it first here!

[edit] - and as my psychic web helpers have already put the results service up - here's the full result.