French singers

France2 has revealed the songs and performers competing in Destination Eurovision - the competition that picks a song to represent France at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Nine acts will compete in two semi-finals, with the best making it through to a live televised national final. The votes in both rounds of the competition will be split 50/50 between an international expert jury and those awarded by viewers.

A jury of five get to vote in the first semi-final, a different five-strong jury vote in the second semi-final and then ten completely different 'experts' will surface for the grand final.

Just to confuse those watching, three French music experts will pass comment, but they won't get a say in the result (unless they phone in).

  • Aysat – Comme une grande
  • Battista Acquaviva – Passio
  • Bilal Hassani – Roi
  • Chimene Badi – Là-haut
  • Doutson – Sois un bon fils
  • Emmanuel Moire – La promesse
  • Florina – In the shadow
  • Gabriella – On cherche encore (Never get enough)
  • Lautner – J'ai pas le temps
  • Mazy – Oulala
  • Naestro – Le brasier
  • Noémie – Ma petite famille
  • PhilipElise – Madame la paix
  • Seemone – Tous les deux
  • Silvàn Areg – Le petit Nicolas
  • The Divaz – La voix d'Aretha
  • Tracy de Sà – Por aqui
  • Ugo – Ce qui me blesse

Image Credits: FT.