He's ginger. He's got floppy hair. He plays the guitar... no, it's not Ed (who said he'd be up for writing an English Eurovision entry... which guarantees him never to enter a song cos he's all mouth and no trousers).

Those Germans have chosen 27-year-old Michael Schulte singing an ode to his family,entitled "You Let Me Walk Alone".

The ex-Youtube star and ex-3rd placer in 'The Voice of Germany' has been a warm-up act for Blue on their German tours and has done.... quite a lot of things according to Wiki without any of them actually standing out.

*anyway* - he won.... with the song below.


Song Performer(s) Points Psn
House on Fire Ivy Quainoo 22 4
You Let Me Walk Alone Michael Schulte 36 1
My Own Way Natia Todua 17 6
You and I Ryk 23 3
I mog Di so voXXclub 21 5
Jonah Xavier Darcy 25 2