She seriously can't be called Laura Rizzotto, can she? Apparently that is her real name and she's from that often under-utilised demographic of "Latvian-Brazilian" - being born to a father with dual citizenship in Rio - the capital of Samba.

She's signed, it's said, to Universal Brazil, and so coming to chilly Riga for a few weeks must have been a bit of a temperature shock!

Here's the result and the song - and I'm not sure what I make of it - apart from it's a girl in a dress singing something old-fashioned. But what do I know? One thing's for sure, she's rained on my parade.  See what i did there?

Song Performer(s) Televote Jury Psn
Just fine Sudden Lights 2 2 2
Who's counting? Ritvars 6 4 4
Esamiba Madara 4 3 3
Walk the talk Liene Greifane 5 8 7
Lovers bliss Lauris Valters 8 6 8
Younger days Edgars Kreilis 7 5 6
Funny girl Laura Rizzotto 1 1 1
This time Markus Riva 3 7 5