Missing, one violin, reward offered for information leading to conviction

For a song that’s coming up the ranking with the bookies, I’ve seldom seen such a lack of enthusiasm amongst fans as for Alexander Rybak’s return. I’m struggling to find anyone who wants this to win, even though many of us think it might. I don’t think it’s just the prospect of two bank-breaking weeks in Norway that’s putting us off, but rather the fact the most successful winner ever, in terms of points margin, has come back with something so under par. Everyone will agree this has instant appeal and charm, and his three minutes on stage do create something very engaging, but most will also agree this is rubbish.

Today he feels flatter than in the first round of rehearsing, but it’s so stage-ready that he’s little to gain from switching the charm fully on just yet. I’m hoping this flatness sustains, but mush as I wish I just can’t write this off.


Monty x

Press conference

In his own words: "In 2009 it was all about my ideas. Yes, I won, but I didn’t win new friends. So I’m very happy that I am more mature now" ... Alexander Rybak

Image Credits: Andres Putting.