Selecția Națională 2018 1

It's true.  The Romanians are starting their selection on 21st January. They have looked at the MF (or mello.. ugh) and gone, "you know what? We can do MOAR to this format", and so TVR have decided to do just that.

Five Semi Finals (this one being the first) each with twelve songs, apart from this one that has eleven because Tom Hartis has withdrawn due to health issues (not that you'll read this, but all the best etc...) will be 100% jury with 5 members on the panel. The top three songs will go forward to a fifteen-song megafest to be held on February 25th in Bucharest.

I'm sure you lot are going to keep your eyes and ears on this but, just in case you aren't, here are the first semi finalists.  You can see it on the interwebs from 2000 CET. 

A love worth falling forLina
DevotedJohnny Badulescu
From underneathHellen
Me som romalesLucas Molina & Eduard Santha
Nobody told me it would hurtAlex Florea
Renacer (Reborn)Waleska
Rise upLiviu Anghel
Take me awayCornEL
The perfect fallElena Turcu
Walking on waterAlexia & Matei