Hvala, Ne! by Lea Sirk

Some performers talk of how, should they feel a bit of stage fright, they create a persona that allows them to give of themselves in performance whilst retaining their true self for private moments. Lea Sirk opens her song by telling us “My name is Lea, and I have a new character for you”. Her song goes on to explore not selling your soul or getting burnt in love. If Lea is acting out a role I fear she needs a different script.

This starts with some promise, as a very contemporary sounding entry, and builds even more pleasingly in the bridge to the chorus. Then – alas – it just doesn’t go anywhere for the hvala nes (which translates as ‘thanks but no thanks’). It’s a frustrating aspect of modern pop, and leaves me yearning for a decent chorus, instead of just petering away into something so intensely dissatisfying. It’s like she’s got there and, when faced with a killer riff, just goes “yeah, thanks, but no thanks”. Maybe it’s due to this that this song just feels nowhere on the horizon this year. There’s no buzz about it at all.

Lea, like SuRie this year, and Imri Ziv last, is coming to Eurovision as the lead artist having previously backed two Slovenian entries (by Tinkara Kovač and ManuElla). Afetr a few goes at the Slovenian EMA in her own right too, I’m pleased for her that she’s finally got there, but I wish she had done it with a better song. At least the title is accurate; it’s a hvala, ne from me.

My marks: 2 points

Will it qualify? It doesn’t deserve to


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