Saara Aalto

Isn't this the song that is supposed to be winning the whole contest according to Eurofans around the world? I’ve clearly missed this hype (though notably Wiwibloggs didn’t) about Saara Aalto and 'Monsters'.

It’s a perfectly serviceable track, sung by someone with a decent voice, who will definitely sell the song to her adoring and her not so adoring public but, beyond that, what have we got? A background vocal that she can’t reproduce on the night - unless she hires three kids, the Monsters schtik that her backing singers will surely get into cos the song is called Monsters and, if we’re honest, a song that’s not that memorable if anyone else was singing it.

But enough people around Europe know who Saara is.  Enough fans watch the contest on a Tuesday night to know that she’s come second five times in singing contests who will vote for it to maybe, just maybe, get it into a qualifying position but she doesn’t “slay” – she’s got her chance and she’ll sing the song exactly the way she did in UMK which to the chagrin of certain people wasn’t perfect.  No, that’s right, it was live ... and that is a very different beast.  She’s not won a singing contest yet for a reason you know….

Phil’s Score – FIVE Points

Image Credits: YLE.


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