We're back live this evenings after a day out and about - Chernobyl, since you ask. And it's our first chance to watch all the songs in order on stage with an audience. It's also a run-through for Ukraine, Germany and France.

Join us as we tell you about the show from the hall and press centre. Just in case you need it, here's a reminder of the running order.

  • Serbia
  • Austria
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Malta
  • Romania
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • San Marino
  • Croatia
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Israel

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Phil Colclough May 10, 20177:25 pm


Yes we’ve arrived back from Chernobyl slightly radiated but still alive and ready to do this thaaaang…

17 songs….. and San Marino… battling through the juries. As per last rehearsal they’ll be ranked against each other in the same way a Jury would ( Cos that went well last time)!!

Mo Fanning May 10, 20177:33 pm

This feels a bit too exclusive – I thought you were all one big happy family!

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:00 pm

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re off – with the same start as last night…

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:03 pm

presenters on stage quite quickly after last night’s slow introduction. Timor I don’t know what he is here apart from being in the Green Room….. doesn’t need to be on stage in my opinion.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:05 pm

Although sadly there is an opening act of Ukrainian “style” Eurovision hits with the two presenters “playing” the accordian and the tin whistle. It actually looks a pile of shite and just an unnecessary time filler – but hey, it’s not my show.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:05 pm

….and on come the Ukranian locals dancing and singing…… hmmm…..

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:10 pm

Right – after lots of faffery… we’re off….

Or maybe we aren’t as everything has stopped….. No postcard…. nothing…


Three minutes to reprogramme the lighting truss….. this *is* going well.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:18 pm

Tijana finally gets on stage and she’s borrowed the underwater motif from Greece, sadly she’s not borrowed the voice too because she’s in tune. She is, however, not really giving this 100% and I fear that it’s going to be forgotten and indeed Tijana’s eyes look a little bit like there is nothing behind them and she is not giving off good vibes here. Forgettable.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:22 pm

Next on stage it’s cheeky chappie Nathan. He was singing in the dark at the beginning of the song, again problems with the lighting timers I suspect ( they really need to get that fixed) but Nathan performs through the problems with a confident and assured performance in direct contrast with Tijana. Nathan is hooked up and has just nailed this. If I were the delegation though I’d be on the phone to the EBU…..

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:26 pm

FYR Macedonia are next. Now their D2 is opposite me but that doesn’t stop me saying what I think.

She’s got the the right mic effect on for the first time this week and the pony club girl actually is giving it a bit of dirt!!

Jana has the right dress, the right look ( when she looks in the camera it actually LOOKS filthy) – they have finally been listening to everyone.. This has improved 10000% and excentuates the lyrics in a way that she hasn’t all week.

This is now back in with the original chance she had.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:30 pm

After Jana’s excellent performance…. Claudia has had the wind knocked out of her sails. This comes across as a slice of old school ballad nonsense.

Not helped by the fact that the camera shots went wrong half way through the song… I suspect tha there will be a phonecall to the EBU by this lot as well.

Though, if we are honest, It’s sunk without trace, not because it’s bad but because Jana was perfect.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:34 pm

Romania can sing the phone book with a bit of uptempo and this goes through to the final as a toke “uptempo song” – but lets be honest it’s not lyrically challenging. This, as we know, has the kitchen sink and a whole lot more. Sheep, Cannons, Long hair, Yodelling…. Juries will mark this down by a mile as its rubbish. There is a lot of missed notes towards the end of the song and, again, the camera work is not great and misses the cannons on stage.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:37 pm

It’s a good job that there is an advert break after Netherlands, The because it gives Europe some time to put the kettle on and get a cup of tea. Coming after Romania it suffers in the same way Malta did, it’s a perfectly decent song but old fashioned when compared to the one before it. Jurors will love the harmonies and vocally there is nothing wrong with it but it’s walked straight out of 1989 and is too formulac to get the high votes.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:38 pm

Phil’s rank after six songs

FYR Macedonia
Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:45 pm

Lemme tell you – running to the loo and back to your laptop in 3 minutes is hard work but I do it for YOU…

Hungary are song seven and Joci is giving one hell of a performance. His dancer, though, is emoting far more than he is and I worry where this is getting its votes from. It’s ethnic enough to get some votes and yet Eastern Europe might not. It’s not for the want of trying though. That was ace.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:49 pm

and then… Denmark come on doing what Denmark does…. an underwhelming pop song that has walked out of Eurovision past. The delegation have asked for phone lights to be shown here but to do that they have to have something to lift and all they have is a plodder.

It’s everything anyone that has followed the contest has seen a million times only without the conviction behind it and only at the end does Anja even connect with the audience but she is a shouty girl. Can’t see this qualifying.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:54 pm

It’s a shame that Brendan is saddled with a dog of a song because, in the main,he’s a really good singer but there is no getting away from the fact that this is Westlife’s hit that was not released for them. Brendan missed loads of notes towards the end. I fear for this song on that performance.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20178:57 pm

I can see Mr Siegel from here… He clearly expects good things because team Siegel are sat about 10 yards away looking at the screens.

Back on stage Valentina is trying a touch too hard and whilst its a big disco stomper I’m not sure what Jimmy adds to this apart from a very good set of teeth. The middle of the song seemed to be off as well and whilst this is fun and “fan” fodder because Valentina… I’m thinking on the cusp but no more.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:00 pm

There is literally only so much Jacques can take – and three of his faces on stage is way way too much. He’s still wearing that awfully unflattering leather jacket and the two voices are still on stage and he still turns to the camera when he sings both parts. I still have issues with HRT for allowing this shit on stage. This should only get Ironic televotes and NIL from the Juries that are watching. He’s screechy on the high notes and it looks preposterous. It’s fucking mental and should score nothing.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:07 pm

Norway are next. They will be completely passed by because people will still be talking about Jacques, and by talking I mean going ” What the Fuck is that”.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:10 pm

Switzerland will be the one that gets Europe back into Eurovision mode because it is just so ordinary. Timebelle screetched the last few notes and still looks like something that is sat on top of a toilet roll.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:10 pm

Phil’s Rank after Thirteen songs.

FYR Macedonia
San Marino
Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:17 pm

It didn’t publish Belarus – They were excellent.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:20 pm

Bulgaria next. Kris has a voice and a stage presence that is beyond his years. His voice fills the stage even if his frame doesn’t. There seemed to be a couple of tuning issues in the first chorus to my ear but the camera shots and background all seem to work on this song. The Juries will see this and must surely mark it up. This has the complete package to be fighting for second.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:25 pm

Lithuania. Zzzzzz

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:27 pm

Koit and Laura are off key. Again they seem to be trying so hard Koit especially seems a little bit pitchy and it needs to be got back quickly. I don’t think they have managed it though. It looks stunning but it sounds really really off and lacks that vocal spark that Bulgaria did for a majority of the song. This is back to being in trouble again but purely on the vocal and not the look. Those first 90 seconds tho….

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:32 pm

Imri finishes this off. This is a totally competent performance of the song and in this context that is not a bad thing. You can hear Imri’s backing singing taking up the slack in his voice but when you compare it to some other songs that have been on the stage tonight this doesn’t look forced and is majorly *on* key apart from the usual places near the end where he loses it and he still can’t say the world “Alive”.

Solid was the phrase that went round our table. That works.

Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:33 pm

Phil’s Rank after 18 songs.

FYR Macedonia


San Marino
Phil Colclough May 10, 20179:44 pm

3 of the Big 6 on now.

France – Missfiring.

Germany – All good – looks ace.

Ukraine. Hmmm Passed my by,