LIVE BLOG – Semi Final 1 – First dress rehearsal

Join us live here from 16:00 local time (2pm, UK/Portugal - 3pm Western Europe) to hear what we make of the first dress rehearsal of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. It's the first semi final today.

As a reminder, here's the running order:

  1. Sweden
  2. Georgia
  3. Australia
  4. Albania
  5. Belgium
  6. Montenegro
  7. Finland
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Portugal
  10. Greece
  11. Poland
  12. Moldova
  13. Iceland
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Cyprus
  16. Armenia
  17. Slovenia
  18. Latvia

Join in with your comments below. 

Phil Colclough May 8, 20173:37 pm

Afternoon all – we’re ready to go with the first rehearsal at the top of the hour (4pm here – 3pm or 2pm where a majority of you are)

Monty will be in the Fan Area and i’m in the press centre…

Phil Colclough May 8, 20173:46 pm

While we are waiting for the thing to start – Remember this will be a stop start thing with lots of tech mistakes. I’ll also try to mark them as the juries will mark them so at the end of this you’ll get Phil’s 1-18. Feel free to comment as appropriate or inappropriate…

Monty Vision May 8, 20173:50 pm

Just announced we’ll get two runs through of the opening act, and as the others’ are not ready yet will get Italy’s postcard for all three of the finalists’ in this rehearsal.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20173:57 pm

This is your THREE MINUTE warning people!! THREE MINUTES

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:01 pm

It’s a very long three minutes….. Our lovely floor manager is still speaking!!

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:06 pm

And we’re off with the first of two sets of introductions…. Usual on screen to hall business. Very Ukranian.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:07 pm

Followed by some Rapping From someone called “Monatic Spinning” – Could almost be the Norwegian entry several days early….

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:07 pm

And we’re off! Shits of Ukrainian women in traditional dress, then into a modern dance and rap tune live on stage. I don’t know who the artist is though.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:09 pm

Shots, not shits in the last post. That’s unfortunate typing…

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:09 pm

Hi folks. I’ve sneaked in to watch the fun and games from an unspecified location somewhere in Kyiv. It’s all exciting as we watch the show get going. If you want ladies dressing up, or rappers in silky bathrobes, you’ve come to the right place!

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:09 pm

And now… we’ve stopped…. As predicted.. They are going to reset and do it again.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:13 pm

And off we go again and this time, the full runthrough begins…. Hopefully

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:18 pm

It would be almost helpful if the start act started to remember the names of the presenters what seem to be in their Civvies. I think “Performance clothes” hasn’t extended this far.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:20 pm

Second go of the opening and here’s our hosts. They’re quite dishy. And their English is good. But hang on, we have our first ‘amazing!’ Some jokes about meatballs in a nod to Sweden last year. They’re celebrating diversity, though not terribly well.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:21 pm

Amazing #2

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:22 pm

And we’re off!! – Thank the lord….. With most of the same script that we have all heard for years.

Postcard is Robin and his one look rehearsing and playing hopscotch and then trailbiking around Kiev….. He really is Mr Personality!

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:23 pm

At last, we’re at song one. It’s been fun so far, hasn’t it? To be fair, now’s the time to make all those mistakes.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:23 pm

I”m having a Greek salad as I type this by the way.

Robin’s up: postcard on a motor bike, a snap of which was released this week with his stripped to the waist.
He can’t go on. Oh hang on, he just has.
Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:24 pm

Robin starts backstage but the visual lighting effect makes him look like he is singing in a power cut ( if only…).

To me it all seems wooden as hell or polished to within an inch of its life, whichever way you want to look at it. He certainly knows how to sing this very average song.

Nothing other than the MF performance here but I don’t know what the real people would think about it.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:26 pm

With the first quarter of the song delivered off stage I don’t know how this will be in the hall, but it does look good on stage. I am a little worried that this could be our winner come Saturday night. Worried because I so want it to be Italy.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:26 pm

Can’t go on Robin… Don’t then and do us all a favour.. Oh, he has… It’s ended

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:29 pm
Georgia are next up with Tako singing back home in Georgia and then zooming to her being here and mincing about in a light column type affair, and then a white screen. This could or could not be intentional but It’s lasted so long i’m not sure.
Screens have gone blank in the press centre so there might be our first problem technique…..

After a long pregnant pause she comes on screen dressed in Red and even though it should sound like a Bond Theme and have “Live and let die” guns and stuff around it, it just falls flat to me and a touch overblown. The Jurors might well see a well constructed Ballad but there are so many of them this year that it’s still struggling to keep it’s head above water.

Nope. Sorry

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:30 pm

Tamara from Georgia being made up for a photo shoot in the postcard, with a very interesting dress possessing very little material,over her cleavage. She’/ plunged the screens into darkness, big pause… Here she comes.

Oh it’s her performance frock too! With a long red cloak.
These are are my first looks at these today. It’s very nicely staged with whites and reds in the background, but it’s just not string enough in my ears. And pyros! She’s getting all the drama she can out of it, and it’s a not inconsiderable amount.
Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:34 pm

Australia are next. Postcard of him in Melbourne getting ready to go on stage and then him singing. Cut to his flight and him in Kiev. The delegation and the lighting thing are a thing it seems.

Isiah is clearly using a left over travelator from Robin but shit me there is a big projection of him on the back screen after the first verse, very distracting and it’s all about him clearly as more Isiah’s are on stage. The song itself isn’t being performed as such and just sung but my issue with this is that he hardly looks at the camera. That looks like it is his style but its a touch distracting for me and there are too many long shots to help that connection. The pyro curtain is the most exciting thing in the first 2 minutes and by that time the televoters that go ” Australia tho…” will have turned off.

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:34 pm

Sweden was decidedly underwhelming. Take away the travelators and what do you have? Quite a dull little song.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:34 pm

Isaiah for Australia now. He’s in a frock coat with big Isaiahs on the back drop. He’s also on a revolving plinth that creates a sometimes pleasing, sometimes slipping out of shot effect. It ,Evans he can be static yet mobile at the same time. Cracking voice. Ooh and a golden shower! AND up shooting pyros too! Not sure he needs them. This isn’t as powerful as I was expecting, and is a very early draw to be remembered.

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:37 pm

Didn’t catch much of Georgia. That must have mean it didn’t really grab me. Australia’s Isaiah did his stuff OK. The dark stage and grey attire don’t really add anything to the song. I think the Aussies could be in danger of an early bath on Tuesday night.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:38 pm

Albania and Linda Halloumi is jamming, jogging and gymming, as you know, she’s a fitness freak these days. I’m not really enjoying her frock, which has a silver body, white organspza train and fussy white silk flowers around the neck. I can’t see this working really.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:38 pm

Albania are Number 4 and Lindita is looking more and more like a bridesmaid of Frankenstein rather than a “normal” Bridesmaid. She’s giving a vocal performance that can only be described as nervous. There was a shot on the screen where you can see the fear in her eyes and that’s particularly disturbing when you are trying to deliver this powerful song.

To me, there needs to be some comforting to be done by the delegation because, quite frankly, it was not a great performance.

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:40 pm

Lindita (perhaps she has a sister called Ryvita) wails through her three minutes. It’s a challenging song, and will be very easy to make a complete mess of tomorrow night. I think there’s little going for it. Isaiah has (marginally) the best song so far.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:41 pm

Belgium next and my first through was “what on earth is this…” – The beginning of the song is just too low and mumbly and we can’t hear the lyric and that is usually the thing you need in a song contest.

She sounds as through she is half asleep and is not enjoying the performance at all. It’s drab and dreary and gets no better. Any Belgians that through this would get through will be sorely disappointed. It has absolutely no merit .

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:42 pm

My Ranking so far :

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:42 pm

Belgium and a terrified looking Blanche. They’ve swapped her frock to a black one, but it’s still completely wrong for the song. I know there’s a vulnerability to the lyrics, but it’s an optimistic fear she’s meant to convey, not rabbit in the headlights. She needs more going on on stage, but she’s prophetically all along in that danger zone.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:48 pm

Slavko! Oh Slavko. He’s doing some meditation and yoga in the postcard. He’s mincing and writhing, and it has plenty of energy after such slow openers. It’s so rubbish but it’s so much fun. Please let’s be having this on Saturday night. Please!

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:52 pm

We all know what this song is about and there is no way you can hide it but it has to be said that Montenegro is doing a cracking job of selling this one and whilst it is clearly camper than Billy Butlin and Pontins together it has a constituency but in the conservative countries it might get marked down. It needs to be either full-on gay not this half arsed attempt at being metrosexual.

Cheers in the press centre… obvs.

Break – and a little breakdown with our Servers… all back now though…

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:52 pm

We have an ad break/green room chatter/pause for the BBC to do something of their own, then Finland, and Norma John. Neither of which are called Norma or John. Dark and moody with dry ice, and very atmospheric. Dry ice from the piano lid too! And a nice use of Sven the chandelier for a pull-up splayed spot lifter effect too. But maybe a little flat?

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:53 pm

What is it about Belgium? I had really high hopes of her song based on the previews, but is no longer grabs me. Blanche looks worried, or perhaps in pain somehow. There’s still potential there to make the final, but it’s only scraping it at the moment.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:55 pm

Next its Finland. Nothing much wrong with this if we are honest. This is how a dark little song should be sung. It’s the wrong side of scary and the right side of engaging. This should easily qualify

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:55 pm

I’m catching up slowly. Slavko from Crna Gora needs dancers. Lots of dancers. Well five of them. And glitter. Instead we get him wearing a large teabag and indigo table cloth. It’s OK, but perhaps a little too progressive for some tastes. A borderline qualifier.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:56 pm

Azerbaijan next. Dihaj was clearly out of tune when she hit the first high notes and that that could well make everyone go “owww” if she does that tonight. I still dont get the concept of this song and Televoters may well go “what the actual fuck is this. Can’t see juries apart from Local ones seeing this.

Monty Vision May 8, 20174:56 pm

Azerbaijan, and Dihaj drink g and getting tattooed in the post card. Some angst against her blackboards and the symbolic man in a horse head on top of a ladder. Perfect sense then. She writes what seems to be thanks on the board in chalk. That’s a relief, it could have been Nagorno Karabakh. It’s very odd but it does work, and is certainly memorable.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20174:56 pm

Having a few server issues in the UK, so apologies if the site is slow. I’m on it – quite literally.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20174:57 pm

Please hold… Incoming Portugal….

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20174:58 pm

Finland is sublime. The best thing by a country kilometer so far. Dark, misty, spine-tingly good. My only concern is that it falls right after the ad-break. But with 10 going through, it should still be one of them. Go Soome!!

Mo Fanning May 8, 20174:59 pm

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:01 pm

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20175:01 pm

From the sublime to the ridiculous with Azerbaijan. All it needs is a bidet and a crateful of Percheron horses – oh, wait… Barking barking barking. It’ll get the drunken vote. Or the mentally challenged. A qualifier? It will be but more for the hi-jinks than the song.

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:02 pm

Portugal, our first look at Salvador since he arrived yesterday. Very much the same as the Festival da Cançao, and he’s using the satellite stage to great intimate effect. He’s dressed darkly, and better than in the Portuguese final. He didn’t need those rehearsals that all.

Ad break to follow. Some Tweets supposedly from fans being read out.
Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:02 pm

In… Literal.. Tears.

That was totally perfect. For a first time runthrough in front of this lot it melts even the coldest of hearts. The querky performance still makes me want to belt him but it totally works.

When Europe see that they should fall in love with it straight away.

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:03 pm

Portugal, our first look at Salvador since he arrived yesterday. Very much the same as the Festival da Cançao, and he’s using the satellite stage to great intimate effect. He’s dressed darkly, and better than in the Portuguese final. He didn’t need those rehearsals that all.

Ad break to follow. Some Tweets supposedly from fans being read out.
Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:03 pm

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20175:04 pm

Portugal. Aaahh, Portugal. You little beauty you. Salvador is a genius with this song. He’s flawless without even trying. He’s the only one that uses the satellite stage. And I have goose-bumps. This should win this semi-final easily. Sorry Finland, but you’re only a distant second now.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:05 pm

Ten songs in and it’s time for Greece. You stick this on after Salvador and it shows up the gulf in quality. ERT think they can win with something generic sung by their usual beauty with backing singer help and boy does Demy need it. First time she sings ” This is Looooooooooooooooove” is a mile out of key and nothing is getting back from that.

And the high notes get no better the second time either and as I have said all week they are pretty key to the song. They need to get the vocal a lot better. Quickly.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:06 pm

Phil’s standings after Ten songs

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:06 pm

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20175:06 pm

Demy is trying her best. I’m still swooning over the Portuguese performance. She (Demy that is) hits most of the notes and her homo-erotic backing dancers seems to do nothing but get in her way. They might even take your mind off the song. It’s televoter-bait in the extreme. Not sure about the juries though.

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:07 pm

Demy for Greece. Wow, there’s some energy here! A couple of shirtless wonders mince around beside her splashing in a shallow paddling pool. They bring a big screen on to film an ‘underwater’ effect with her drifting off in a stream. It doesn’t really work though, it’s all a bit dark. A shame as this is the first real big lift we have in this line up.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:08 pm

Rosé West May 8, 20175:09 pm

Pouring over your every words from a caff in a Milanese side street.. checking out for next year.. maybe I’ll pop over to Lisbon later in the week too!!

Great work to all.. Monty, did you swallow a fashion dictionary? Fab!
Monty Vision May 8, 20175:10 pm

Poland and Kasia is our archetypal titty-blonde. She’s a great singer and it shows. Her rather plain song is lifted by her vocals, so much I can see this qualifying quite easily now, even though I don’t like it.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:11 pm

Eleven on is Poland.

Kasia is finally attacking the song, something it has needed from day 1 not just the day before the final. This has suddenly shot up in my estimation.

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20175:11 pm

I’m not sure about Poland. It got a round of applause from the press centrists, but it just passes me by. I *know* she can sing, but when you have a ballad amongst other ballad, you need something more. I don’t think Kasia has it.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:11 pm

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:13 pm
Now that Poland have attacked that song it makes Moldova look substandard because they needed to attack the song and they haven’t. It looks contrived by contrast to the strong performance that has gone on before and this could well kill the chances of qualification UNLESS they smash it.
Monty Vision May 8, 20175:13 pm

Moldova, and I like Sunstroke Project. I think this is great fun. The backing singers sing into bouquets of flowers, and the backdrop of 1000 Epic Sax Men makes the stage feel full. The frock changes bring the backing singers in wedding dresses, echoing the feel of the video, though if you haven’t seen that it might not be apparent to you why they’re doing it.

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:17 pm

Iceland, and Svala giving alternative titty-blonde cleavage action, with a stunning tattoo across them. White PVC catsuit and a cape billowing in a Force Carola wind machine. This is better than I expected it to be. I’d probably squeeze this through now.

Riigi Ametnik May 8, 20175:17 pm

Moldova show us how to do a fun turn on the stage. Ladies singing into flowers. A saxophone solo. That’s what it’s all about. Poland will get totally lost by Sunstroke’s footling about on stage.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:18 pm

Paper is a nothing song until the final 90 seconds. Like a boxer in a fight it does all of its best work at the end to round to catch the eye of the judges and it does. The last half makes up for the very boring first half of the song. Is it going to be enough? – More than likely.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:23 pm

Phil’s standings after Thirteen Songs

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:25 pm

An ad break and green room chat, replete with awkward pausing before Czech Republic. She looks more fun open the postcard than she seems on stage. She’s channeling Romana Power’s 1985 cat suit sartorially but it’s just a world of wrong, as is her song. Watch closely tomorrow, you won’t be seeing her on Saturday.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:25 pm

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:26 pm

Czech Republic after a break? – That’s really not helping it to do anything. Europe will have had a cuppa and then see a very slow song with a gold velour-esque dress singing on screen. It has been killed off totally by that placement. No matter how well she sings it, and she does, it’s got nothing written all over it.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:28 pm

Look who’s watching on the live feed and enjoying the show!!

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:30 pm

Hovig needs the old tuning fork out and quick. He’s been off on the first two high and long notes and most of the first verse wasn’t exactly great. As the song has gone on it gets more and more pitchy and he can’t afford to do this tonight.

It really was painful in too many points to get that many votes if he does this tonight.

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:31 pm

I’m forgetting to look at the postcards. Cyprus is up now. Hovig sounds good, but I think there’s maybe too much to think about in this, as it’s a bit jerky,in the choreography. His microphone makes an unfortunate impression in silhouette as he’s bounced between his dancers. The routine has more balance than gravity early, but it does stand out, and his charm could just see him through. Along with the support of Greece.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:34 pm

Here’s something plundered from Twitter

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:34 pm

Armenia, one of my favourites. Pinks, purples, oranges, and dry ice. Simple, classy choreography from two women behind her, a bit like a modern and eastern version of Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love, but only two of them. Drama, power, and originality aplenty. LOVE this!

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:34 pm

16 songs in and Armenia now up their game. This is the best I have seen it performed all week. If you love ethnicity and a very good vocal (Something that Artsvik has not had all week) then this is the one for you.

On screen it just has enough energy to make it not look overpowering. The fire and the emoting are finally working well. This has leapt up the table for me.

Well done Armenia.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:37 pm

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:37 pm

If Europe needs a toilet break after Armenia, then this next three minutes is it. Omar still has the look of someone that’s making his career at a Ljubliana hotel singing classic songs. This, however, isn’t one of them.

It doesn’t connect and when Omar looks into the camera it’s scary. Vocally its ok but the song is the musical equivalent of walking in a mile of treacle. It’s slow and ploddy and whilst the juries might like it, who on earth is televoting for it??

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:38 pm

We could be back to 2005 in Ukraine with Slovenia as Omar took part then too. Or back even further with the musical style. He still kneels unnecessarily in the second verse. His charm is not really coming over though, he needs to find this for the jury and live shows to stand any chance at all. And sort his Barnet out, it’s a mess.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:41 pm

Ahhh it’s the song of the Neon Penis. As a show closer its supposed to be modern and all that jazz but it just melts into the background as nothing. The current vocal is also slightly sharp as though she is trying too hard. I think the voters will be put off by the look and feel of the song. It doesn’t draw you in and the only thing that does is her costume and the high NRG bit but, lets be fair, the demographic of the viewers isn’t going to be enamored with that.

It’s a mash of nothingness but it’s probs gonna qualify cos it can beat some of the other rubbish.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:43 pm

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:44 pm

Phil’s Final Jury standings after all 18 songs



Czech Republic
Monty Vision May 8, 20175:44 pm

And Latvia to finish. I’ve warmed to Agnese after talking to her at the Nordic Party, and I’m still hot to her drummer. She’s sporting a striking look and this is certainly a bold performance. I” not sure it’s arresting enough to hold the interest in last slot: zI always feel you need to grab the audience, otherwise they’re off to the loo or totting up their own scores as they know the interval is coming. For all I criticised this for its chaotic nature in the national final I actually feel it needs more now.

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:45 pm

And Latvia to finish. I’ve warmed to Agnese after talking to her at the Nordic Party, and I’m still hot to her drummer. She’s sporting a striking look and this is certainly a bold performance. I” not sure it’s arresting enough to hold the interest in last slot: zI always feel you need to grab the audience, otherwise they’re off to the loo or totting up their own scores as they know the interval is coming. For all I criticised this for its chaotic nature in the national final I actually feel it needs more now.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:46 pm

Three of the big 5+1 also on stage. They sing it all then select a clip for the world for see.

Spain first.

They can’t pick the first 25 seconds of the song and they’ll only pick ” Do it for your lover” which is awful.

Manel is trying but as with his other performances he’s not engaging with anything because the song doesn’t give him the chance to engage. It’s a horribly repetitive song which should get the result it deserves. It’s cold and he really isn’t feeling it.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:47 pm

Someone looks set to head back to their hotel for a rest before tonight

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:48 pm

The Big 5 and hosts now get an extra slot to rehearse so we have Spain first. I’ve been chatting through it I’m afraid, music has I expect you’all be doing when you see it too.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:52 pm

UK will be the second to perform…

Once the contraption gets on stage!!!

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:53 pm

UK now and a long pause: Lucie’s contraption takes a while to get into place. They’re rehearsing an emergency cover chatter in case they need it. We’re still waiting…

Mo Fanning May 8, 20175:53 pm

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:55 pm

Absolutely MASSIVE delay between Spain and UK……

Monty Vision May 8, 20175:58 pm

And her she is. Another good, focussed performance by Lucie. Very, very good vocals.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20175:59 pm

After a massive delay Lucie comes on and nails it again. She’s hit her marks and the stage looks amazing. This is really really good. Even the look at the end into the camera was excellent.

They have upped their game.

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:00 pm

And Italy! Come on Frankie, spank your monkey!

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:03 pm

Another delay, it takes as long getting Lucie’s kit off as it does on. If you pardon the expression.

Phil Colclough May 8, 20176:03 pm

Another massive delay before Italy perform.

Dunno what the delays are….

Mo Fanning May 8, 20176:04 pm

Some back stage action

Phil Colclough May 8, 20176:07 pm

Finally… Italy.

This is still looking all over the winner. Not a foot wrong. He’s in a league of his own and loves the camera does old Francesco and I still believe it’s his to lose, but he’s not going to be doing that any time soon.

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:08 pm

Great and fun from Italy. I so want this to win. But I’m still far from convinced it’s a done deal…

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:10 pm
So this is what I would call based on this:
Mo Fanning May 8, 20176:12 pm

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:20 pm

Jamala as the interval act with an arrangement of 1944.

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:23 pm

There’s some confusion as the hosts interview Jamala but she doesn’t answer, indicating she’s protecting her voice. The producers seem to whisper to her to say something. You’ll have to wait for the DVD to see this in U.K. though, the BBC will probably fill it.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20176:42 pm

See how the bookies think right now …

Monty Vision May 8, 20176:42 pm

More Jamala, but I missed it at the loo. I’m having a beer now they’ve opened the press centre bar. Good luck if you get any more from me today… Off to the Israeli party later. That Phil will be with you later this evening. Thanks for reading folks!

Mo Fanning May 8, 20176:44 pm

Thanks for sticking with us throughout this first rehearsal. Sorry if you lost us now and then … a few server problems in manchester. We’ve asked our hosting company to chuck an extra bucket of coal in the generator for later and hopefully we’ll be our slick and super selves again.

We never forget you have a choice.

Mo Fanning May 8, 20176:53 pm

Final words of wisdom for this afternoon