Rehearsal Blog

Eurovision rehearsal time. Practice makes perfect, if ever there was a time to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, this would be it. Our reports come live from the Eurovision Song Contest host city – and sometimes from the actual venue. Photo and video reports to keep you warm until the big night.

Welcome to Kiev

Final day of rehearsals!

Ok, so we’re off with the final day of press rehearsals, and it’s the hosts and the Big 5: we’ve seen these now so just brief updates from me this morning. Refr... Read More...

From the sublime to Spain

I can't actually tell you how much of a clunky downshift this song is and, as per previous articles on this very website, the gulf in class is wider than the oc... Read More...

Italy to the wonning!

Yet again, if this doesn't win, then there is a problem with the whole voting system. Perfect, absolutely perfect. It has all of the classic Eurovision ingre... Read More...