Rehearsal Blog

Eurovision rehearsal time. Practice makes perfect, if ever there was a time to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, this would be it. Our reports come live from the Eurovision Song Contest host city – and sometimes from the actual venue. Photo and video reports to keep you warm until the big night.


I love Belarus

It’s a rehearsal blog cliché to state after one shaky run (where the sole purpose was to get the camera angles that such and such right) that a song is sailing ... Read More...
Big lad

Croatia: Jacques & Jacques

Croatia is all the kinds of ridiculousness you’ve heard it is, singing a duet with himself in two different voices.  It’s hilarious, none of which is intentiona... Read More...
Brendan Murray

Ireland … trying to try?

So, Brendan, what attracted you to the multi-billionaire Louis Walsh? Cos it certainly wasn't the promise of a solo career and a place in the Eurovision Song Co... Read More...