Well that's why I'm a webmaster and you're a viewer.   I've put this handy table together for ya so you can keep abreast of whats going down round Europe.   You'll find a link to a bit about most of them in the "who?" column but you'll deffo get to see the results as soon as they are known.  Or slightly after!

Don't worry if your favourite selection doesnt have a link in that who column... i'm working through the afternoon to get them all updated - apart from Lithuania cos no one cares!

Time (CET) Who What Qualifiers? Webstream Result?
1800 Ukraine Semi Final 1 3 YES YES
2000 Denmark Final YES YES
2000 Sweden Semi Final 2 2+2 YES YES
2000 Lithuania Semi Final 5 6 YES NO
2025 Latvia Semi Final 2 2  YES  YES
2030 Hungary Semi Final 1 3+1  YES  YES
2035 Italy Final NO
2035 Estonia Semi Final 1 4+1  YES YES
2045 Iceland Semi Final 1 3   YES  YES