Eurovision 2019

Eurovision Song Contest organisers have warned fans against booking hotels or flights for next year's contest, as websites offer travel packages for late May 2019.

A handful of Israeli news and travel sites have indicated the final to be 'confirmed' for 25 May in Jerusalem, with semi-finals on 21 and 23 May. Tourist Israel - an unofficial agency - insists the date is set and the UK Zionist Federation has started to advertise a three-day cultural trip to Jerusalem, to coincide with the event.

Today, the official Eurovision Instagram account took the unprecedented step of warning fans off booking flights, just yet:

Are you already looking forward to next year’s Eurovision? Us too! But don’t go booking your flights just yet, for official updates on where and when it’ll take place, keep an eye out for announcements on our official channels.

Israel celebrates Independence Day from the evening of May 8 through to May 9 - dates that would impact on rehearsals if the organisers went with May 18. UEFA Europa and Champions League matches also dominate the first two weeks of May.


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