Well, this is a pretty kettle of pickles and no mistake. We all made it, and are now reporting LIVE from the Abdi Ipekci hall. Or at least, would be if the wifi were working properly! The journey was moderately smooth, but getting up this morning was arduous to say the least! Nevertheless, the weather is nothing short of gorgeous... sunny and hot.

At the moment Linas and Simona from Lithuania are rehearsing. They seem pretty competent, but there's some majorly odd choreography going on in the background. One of them seems to be having a fit in ultra-slow motion, as far as I can tell. In fact, looking at it again I'm reminded of Father Ted's sarcastic impersonation of Dick Byrne during the Song For Ireland episode. The set is heavily reliant on a huge back projection screen and I'm not immediately impressed with it... maybe when I see a few more configurations that will change.