Esc 2018

By now, you've doubtless tired of hearing the same 43 songs, and hanker for something different. With hours to go until fan sites (this one included) deliver wildly contradicting reports, relax with a smorgasbord of alternative dishes from this year's menu.

Not your toy

Netta leads the list with most bookmakers, and judging by the fact the Israeli song is the most streamed entry this year, you might care for something else - like this stripped-back take on 'Toy'.

Never too old

Ieva has a sweet little song, that Netta may over-power, but just to prove she doesn't spend her whole day worrying about equity release schemes, here's a less walking-frame friendly version of the Lithuanian song.

Never mind the Balkans

If you prefer your music more reggae and less intense, why not sample the subtle summer stylings of Sanja Ilić & Balkanika, whose English language take on their song changes things completely.

Hunting high and low

Acoustic Viking might sound like a shade from the latest Farrow & Ball paint chart, but it also sounds like this ...

On the dark side

Franka isn't enjoying massive fan site support right now, so see if this version of 'Crazy' - apparently recorded in her front room - can change your mind.

Echo echo

Sennek gets a chance to tone things down in this intimate studio setting. And we get to pick apart any aspect of the vocals that don't sound as perfect as the studio version.

Sugar rush

Those young Spanish young lovers have declared their affection in English too. If you have a swinging brick where your heart should be, it's even more likely to make your teeth itch.

Say yes to the dress

It was touch and go with the projector needed to stage the Estonian song this year - if you believe what their PR team say. But if you prefer poppers to popera, try this.

Merci la France

Not so long ago, super trooper SuRie stepped in when Madame fell sick, supporting Monsieur at the London Eurovision party. She sang mostly in English, here's that song with Madame back in charge.

Now this is just showing off

I'll end this jaunt through the alternative world of Eurovision 2018 with Finnish polyglot Saara Aalto - she's recorded 'Monsters' in 34 different languages. No seriously, she has!

There are many more out there, I've merely dipped a perfectly-formed toe in the hot tub of Eurovision 2018.

Image Credits: M & M Eurovision Diary.