One of this webmaster's favourite national finals, EMA, has come round again and RTVSLO has given the world a list of songs and singers to make the old fans cry, and the new fans go "who?"

Sixteen hardy souls have made it through a tough selection procedure of being played to a jury of music professionals -  including Maja Keuc - and without further ado, here are the sixteen names:

Anabel – Pozitiva
BQL – Ptica
Gregor Ravnik – Zdaj je čas
Ina Shai V nebo
Indigo – Vesna
KiNG FOO Žive sanje
Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu
Lea Sirk – Cirque
ManuElla Dan potem
Marina Martensson – Blizu
MILA – Svoboda
Nika Zorjan – Uspavanka
Nuška Drašček Ne zapusti me zdaj
Orter – Tisoč let
Proper Ukraden cvet
Tanja Ribič – Ljudje

Eagle-eyed readers will notice some old names among the crop. Tanja Ribic from 1997 who finished tenth (yes probably before you were born but hey, history) is putting herself forward, along with ManuElla whose ode to the colourblind (Red and Blue) didn't get to the final in Stockholm.

There will be two semi finals in February 2018, with four songs from each going through to a final, in which there is *usually* a superfinal but details on that are sketchy. What we do know is that there will be six juries: Singers, Composers. OGAE Slovenia, Radio, TV and an "international" panel, plus a 50% Televote.