Video Vault

The OnEurope Video Vault is a Room 101 for Eurovision. A place to hide away those guilty pleasures and outright horrors. Things you secretly love and things you openly loathe. Don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch and tell us what you want to see locked away forever.


I’ve been Challenged

I have been challenged by NickD of this parish to introduce this next song without using a specific phrase that I associate with AlBano and Romina... NO!  I ... Read More...
Red Flag

Keep it flying high Portugal

Welcome back to the first in a brand new off-season Video Vault.  I can almost see you salivating with excitement (though not you at the back, doing that is jus... Read More...

From Haarlem to Harlem?

Did you see what I did there? - NO? - Shame on you! It's that time of year when thoughts turn to the elderly and infirm that have been alone during the Chris... Read More...