Video Vault

The OnEurope Video Vault is a Room 101 for Eurovision. A place to hide away those guilty pleasures and outright horrors. Things you secretly love and things you openly loathe. Don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch and tell us what you want to see locked away forever.


A literal drag-net

Now, regular readers of this fine fine website will know my feelings about the contest being "Gay Christmas" - and the fact that even though I am a whoopsie mys... Read More...
German thumb

Dull and Duller?

We usually put things into the vault because they are rubbish (in our humble opinion because you lot aren't giving any suggestions!!) but on this occasion we ar... Read More...
Betamax Tape

Bank Holiday Vault Special!!

Well it's a bank holiday in the UK and, until September 1st, The UK is all that matters!! So in recognition of the new World Heptathlon champion  being from ... Read More...

I’ve been Challenged

I have been challenged by NickD of this parish to introduce this next song without using a specific phrase that I associate with AlBano and Romina... NO!  I ... Read More...