You can imagine some of the planning meetings about our favourite TV show. For example, picture yourself in a certain northern capital in the spring of 1981. The TV company and performer need to come up with a kickass outfit to accompany what's bound to be the winner on the forthcoming contest in Dublin.

When Riki Sorsa sang about reggae, he must have known that there are traditional colours associated with that genre of music. It's a conbination red, green, yellow and black. No other colours are used, but not all four colours are. So it looks a little odd when his song about that music saw him dressed in yellow (fine), black (fine), and, erm, pink. Maybe there was a subplot involved, which only the most clued-up Finn knew about. Sadly, Mr Sorsa died in 2016, so we can't ask him the reasons behind pink reggae.

Riki would have been 65 today.