A couple of naughties from last night

Both of these have been reported by posters on the ESCNation messageboard since the show ended – I haven’t tried to verify either, but if they’re true expect tons of bricks to be falling on certain people.

During the televoting in Azerbaijan, the lines were closed for Armenian song and there were no number to vote written on the screens for Armenian song during the recap.

Did you guys know that the French commentators interviewed Patricia Kaas during two minutes of the Moldovan song! We literally couldn’t hear the song properly until near the end of the performance.

If either are true, that’s just not on; the allegation against the Azeris particularly is very serious indeed, and *if* it’s proven to be correct, it makes me think they shouldn’t be allowed to take part in the competition because they Just Don’t Get It.

I’ll end this post on a positive, though – Graham Norton as new UK commentator. Breath of fresh air, right up there with Wogan in his 1980s heyday – and it was almost miraculously good to have every second of every song uncontaminated by commentary. We’ll have him back next year, thanks Auntie!