Your favourite song will/won’t win Eurovision because it has the best/worst lyric of 2014

Albania – Free your mind from the doubts that are tickling

Armenia – What if it’s all in one kiss? That turns all seeds into trees

Austria – No one could have witnessed What you did to me

Azerbaijan – People dropping, tossing coins in wishing wells

Belarus – I look over all the maps trying to escape

Belgium – When I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough of all the tears

Denmark – Skuba duba dubda dididay

Estonia – And beat the perfect storm in the endless sea

Finland – Fine, misshapen, made up fantasy

France – I don’t like showing my emotions In the fitness room

Georgia – Rock the boat of ragged despair

Germany – But still he doesn’t know The time is ticking in his ear

Greece – I’m blowing paper, balling, call me laker

Hungary – I can see the angels standing by your side

Iceland – Or perhaps you’re thinner or one who loves his dinner

Ireland – You’re a dreamer and you don’t know

Israel – I’m skinning you out, no longer a part

Italy – I love the traffic in the centre, parking distracted

Latvia – So I questioned the law of gravity put the apple back up to the apple tree

Lithuania – You saw me chattin’ with my girls at bar true, we’re all pretty

Macedonia FYR – Where, where do we go? Where, where do we go? Where, where do we go?

Malta – Keep the gloves on for fighting, don’t you knock on my door

Moldova – Lovers cry, parents tremble while you and I show our devils

Montenegro – When you hug your pillow to dream about me

Netherlands – This rain ain’t gonna change us so what’s the use to cry?

Norway – Somehow the bruises changed my plans

Poland – We are raised on homemade cream, delicate, golden brown bread

Portugal – I want to be yours, oh oh oh oh oh I want to be yours, oh oh oh oh oh

Romania – Is this what it’s like? ‘Cause I’m starting to feel it

Russia – Drive away the madness. Can you be a masterpiece of love?

San Marino – And we woke up in flesh and blood

Slovenia – When you already know all the windstorms you’re playful

Spain – And although it’s raining, you and I know how to dance

Sweden – Gotta make a change and make some noise

Switzerland – Tonight I’m gonna eat you up

Ukraine – Shelter me, you’ll do fine, wait for me, I’ll buy us time

United Kingdom – With the taste of something sweet that some doctor gave me now

Good luck to all the participants for the forthcoming fun and games


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