Swedish songwriters accuse Polish Eurovision singer of sabotage

Lidia Kopania

It never rains in Eurovision land, but it pours. No sooner did we hit publish on the Israeli gossip, than news hit our desk of something unbecoming from Poland.

It’s nothing to do with Ochman, who turned in his regular professional performance. The person in the gossip spotlight this time is Kind of Blue front woman Lidia Kopania.

Swedish songwriting duo Ylva and Linda Persson have accused Kopania of sabotaging her chances at the Polish national final. “Tonight was a sad moment for us as songwriters,” they wrote on their Facebook account. “What she sang was not at all the melody or lyrics we wrote. It was intentionally done by her as a setup.”

Lidia gave an interview afterwards admitting she deliberately messed up the song after deciding she stood no chance of victory. She went on to dedicate the performance to her late father and brother. It’s fair to say that the performance and interview didn’t show her best side.

Compare and contrast for yourself …

To be fair, they might have a point …