10 February – Unafraid never fade

The fan community can be a big mover and shaker in what sinks and what doesn’t at a Eurovision. They can use their cunning and guile, and occasionally influence what the televoters of Europe can vote for.

Obviously, it’s not just the die-hard fans that decide who does well, but if a singer has charisma then they can go far. Today’s birthday girl Поли Пламенова Генова/Poli Plamenova Genova has charisma – you can’t deny it. So much so that in 2016 she came along and only went and finished fourth (this was after an earlier attempt in 2011). In years to come, this song will be played over and over at every Eurodisco. Will you be there bopping to it?

Poli is 37 today.

Честит рожден ден, Поли!

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