11 March – Everything we’re looking for is right here

Swedish coat of arms

It’s the last major weekend of national selections, and attention has turned to the northern portion of Europe. If you’re a typical Eurovision fan, you’ll know that our friends in Sweden are only one of the countries choosing tonight. In fact, you might be there for MF. You might also think that, whatever wins tonight, will automatically be the best song in Kyiv, merely because it’s Swedish. Performers from over 40 countries would of course disagree.

But there were years when, arguably, Sweden did have one of the best songs. Today’s birthday boy (Eric) Tommy Nilsson sang this song in Lausanne, and it’s still a classic among songs, and one of the few songs from 1989 that fans remember today. Should it have won? Well he was only beaten by three other songs. Is is a classic from the 1980s? Definitely.

Tommy is 57 today.

Grattis på födelsedagen , Tommy!