11 October – I had no choice

Yes, that is a live from a choon. And the choon sung by today’s birthday girl. I say sung. It was a memorable way in which she put across her song. There was a melody. There were musicians with her – most likely miming. There was a nice frock that probably cost the budget of a large town in the Czech Republic. And then there were teeth.

I’m not picking fault with the teeth. But when you’ve seen a set of pearly whites like those on Tamara Diane Wimer/Isis Gee/Tamara Gee, no other set of teeth will be as remarkable. Go on, admit it. You secretly want a set like hers, don’t you. She’s American by the way, but you knew that.

Isis is 45 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Isis!

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