11 September – I tasted well of sweet success

It won’t have escaped your notice that some countries have a propensity to do better in our favourite TV show than others. And these successes can come in cycles. At the moment, all eyes are on our friends in Sweden. They have six wins, and are gunning for a seventh. The Russians were never going to give up until they had their first win. They could quite easily get a second.

Back in the 1990s, it was Ireland who was in the ascendency. They could do no wrong, with four wins in five years. Many of their earlier songs either won, or perhaps even deserved better. The song by today’s birthday boy Brian ‘Red’ Hurley. His song composed by Brendan Graham only finished 10th of 18. Do you think it should have finished higher?

Red is 68 today.

Happy birthday, Red!

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