12 February – Love is a vicious circle

It would be good to see certain countries come back to our favourite TV show. Not just those micro-states, but there are some larger ones that did well in the past, but now sit on the sidelines.

It wasn’t that long ago that our friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina could mix it on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. Then for reasons best known to themselves, they picked up their sheet music and sparkly costumes and went home. The last entry to date for B&H was partly performed by today’s birthday girl Ana Rucner. She didn’t just sing, but also played her cello in a space blanket and little else. She was the Camille to Evelin Samuel as it were. Actually, all four performers got a mention by name, so it was nice she got equal billing to Dalal, Deen and Jala. They came eleventh in their semi-final, mainly due to televoters. So it’s fair to say they were highly unlucky. BiH – please come back.

Ana is 37 today.

Srecan rodjendan, Ana!