12 July – You’ve never lived alone in a spider’s web

We miss our friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There, we’ve said it. We want them back. They add something that’s a heady mix of European, with a dash of something more exotic. Maybe they will return one day.

The last-but-one entrant for BiH was today’s birthday girl Maya Sar (née Maya Hodžić). She’d already been to Istanbul and Düsseldorf in a supporting role, but in 2012 she got the big gig. At that point, her country had been in the Grand Final at every contest they’d taken part in. Maya managed the same feat but it was a tough Grand Final in Baku. She did beat two of the Big Six and got a smattering of big scores. After 2012, we’ve only seen BHRT once and it didn’t go well. But who else lives in hope we’ll see them again someday?

Maya is 42 today.

Sretan rođendan, Maya!