13 November – Belarus, Georgia, Montenegro, Moldovia, Albania, Croatia

Havarti. Yep, you’ve read the title of today’s article correctly. I’m sure you’ve spotted the deliberate mistake. If not, keep looking. This is a lyric to a song, and you may even have worked out which song it is today. And you might be wondering why I’ve picked this birthday.

Well, we like to pick the obscure here at OnEurope. You’ll know that if you’ve clicked on Mr Nick’s video vault pick. Everyone has a birthday. Even ‘animals’. And birds. Such as turkeys for example. But today’s song isn’t from Turkey, oh dear me no. It’s from Ireland, and can only be described as a celebration of what our friends in Ireland have achieved in the 96 years they’ve been participating. Birthday boy Dustin the Turkey gave only what can be termed a unique performance.

Dustin is 28 today.

Happy birthday/Lá breithe sásta, Dustin!