14 January – It’s gonna be better

Today’s title sums things up. Are you feeling a bit down? Thinking that some things will never pick up for you? Well just think that there’s always someone worse off that you. Living where I do, it’s usually me. Seriously, there’s a bright side to everything, and you can triumph out of any adverse situation. As with today’s birthday girl. She had the world before her, and then she had a bad accident. Many a weaker person would curl up and give up. Monika Kuszyńska only came back and made it to Europe’s favourite TV show. You can tell that she’s so so happy to be there. And it provides a lesson that, if you want to do something, you can do it. Here endeth the lesson.

Monika is 37 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Monika!

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