14 June – Today I have octopus

Don’t you just love those ‘novelty’ entries? There have been plenty, to varying degrees of success. One or two have even won. I’ll let you work out which.

Of course, these novelties sometimes have a message, even if it’s heavily disguised. It could be about female empowerment, a certain pan-European currency, or even poking fun at foreigners. Today’s birthday boy Рамбо Амадеус/Rambo Amadeus (né Антоније Пушић/Antonije Pušić) picked on the Euro, and had lots of lovely rhyming words. It was a masterpiece in the days when Montenegro entered stuff they liked rather than stuff they think the rest of Europe might like. If there are any Montenegrins reading this, I say stick to stuff you like. It’s far more entertaining.

Rambo is 56 today.

Срећан рођендан, Рамбо!