14 November – I was not Eve

Gubbeen. Do you remember the first time? If you’re Estonian, it was in 1994. Or perhaps 1994 if you’re being stricter. If you’re from Reykjavík, it was in 1986. If you’re Mr Phil, it was in 1957. Yep, I’m talking about the first time your country participated in our favourite TV show. Over the years, débuts have had mixed successes. From Lithuania in 1984 to Serbia in 2007 (yes, 2007), the results have been mixed. And if you have a good result, the tricky part is keeping it going in subsequent years.

Today’s birthday girl Edyta Górniak was one such débutante, and was there in sunny Dublin in 1994. We all know that Ireland ran away with things – again. But home nation fun aside, Ms Górniak ran away with things, and everyone soon had to take notice that ‘new Europe’ was here. But who were the first ‘new Europe’ nation to win, eh?.

Edyta is 45 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Edyta!