16 November – So why did you promise me the whole world

Remember Luxembourg? They used to take part in our favourite TV show. And they used to win. Not bad for a nugget of a country with a Grand Duke in charge.

The year 1983 is a long time ago now, but it gave us the last of Luxembourg’s five wins. It was sung by a Parisian songstress, today’s birthday girl Corinne Hermès (née Corinne Miller). She had a curious contest. Last on, which was an advantage in the 1980s, and songs in French book-ended the contest. After a slow start in the voting, she picked up votes from 19 of the 20 juries. She also beat everyone’s favourite Swede in the process. This proved a high point in the Grand Duchy’s latter fortunes – 10 years later, we saw them for the last time. But even now, only two countries have won more contests.

Corinne is 59 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Alles Guddes fir de Gebuertsdag, Corinne!