17 January – I escape from you when you chase after me

It’s time to go back to the era of monochrome contests today. It’s good to revisit them from time to time, as we need to know where the contest has come from in its 62 editions.

Back in 1963, there were concerns that the contest wasn’t actually live. It’s never been proven whether it was or not. But the performers sang in a studio separate to the audience. The microphones were just off camera, which excites conspriacy theorists further. And then there was the voting…

Singing for our favourite principality was Françoise Madeleine Hardy, a very attractive teenager that the French were churning out by the 2CV-load in the 1960s. Her delivery was nicely downbeat and gave her a creditable fith place. And two maxima. It’s a typical song of its time.

Françoise is 74 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Françoise!