18 July – The battle for the life Is bigger than you know

Did you miss the countries that sat on the sidelines this year? We know some are likely to return in 2024, but some have made the subs bench their second home. We obviously like bigger Eurovisions, so when the roster is revealed for the next contest, we can only hope.

One of the countries sitting and watching with the popcorn this year was Montenegro. In 2022, they sent today’s birthday girl Владана Вучинић/Vladana Vučinić. She wore an outfit to remember in Torino/Turin that definitely wasn’t a satellite dish. After all, why would she need one? Anyway, she must have been happy to have got there after several previous attempts. Sadly, she found points difficultpoints difficult to come by in her semi although she got twice as many televotes as jury votes. Maybe Vladana will try again next year.

Vladana is 37 today.

Срећан рођендан, Владана!