18 October – What the world needs is more joik

There are now rules about mixing politics with Eurovision. It’s frowned upon apparently, and number of songs had their lyrics changed. But the occasional one slips through. Is Jamala‘s ‘1944’ political? Or just historical? Or Greenjolly‘s ‘Razom nas bahato‘? It’s debatable. But we’ve got one today that has strong political overtones. It even refers to protests in front of a parliament building, joiking. No, that’s not something that would be classed as obscene – it’s an ancient form of communication for people in the far north of our wonderful little continent.

Sadly, one of the protagonists in this song, Sverre Kjelsberg, died earlier this year. he was ably assisted by Mattis Hætta, and it’s fair to say his song lives on.

Sverre would have been 70 today.