2 December – It’s cold, cold, cold

That’s a very apt line for December, unless you’re in that European outpost they call Australia. Well, maybe there are bits of ‘Europe’ that don’t get that cold either. But for someone born in December, it’s an apt line to have in a song. However, it’s unlikely that your aptly-lyricked song will win if you’re the home performer.

This fate befell today’s birthday girl Səbinə Babayeva/Сәбинә Бабајева/سبینه بابایوا/Sabina Babayeva. She got to make the long trip from Baku to, erm, Baku. It’s a thankless task as I’ve set out before (you’re told by the TV company not to win). What probably galled her more was getting in a more famous singer (Alim Qasimov) to back her. Naturally he got a bigger cheer than she did.

Sabina is 38 today.

Xoşbəxt doğum günü, Səbinə!