2 November – Showing us Székesfehérvár wouldn’t sound the same

We must remember that the Eurovision that has been on our screens for 60 years is now for adults. That is, for those aged 16 and over.

There is the Junior equivalent, which takes place in Malta later this month, and you might read more about it on this and, dare I say it, other websites.

So when someone participates who says they’re 16, part of you wants to believe them, and part of you thinks they’re fibbing. As it is with today’s birthday boy נדב גדג’/Nadav Guedj. He was 16 when he sang in Vienna. Honest. Yes, honest. He must have led a hard life. Or it must be that house with low ceilings that cause him to sing with a stoop.

Nadav is 18 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, נדב

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