2 September – Don’t let me go crazy

You know when you’re new at something, and you’re really enthusiastic about it? You want to make a good impression, and so you put on your best frock, your best voice, and you try to be dead nice.

Our friends in Montenegro only took part for the first time in their own right in our favourite TV show in 2007. They sent today’s birthday boy Стеван Фeди/Stevan Faddy. He was always going to have a tough time, being in the biggest ever semi-final that Eurovisionia had ever seen. Twenty-eight went in, and only 10 came out. That meant eighteen unlucky acts who would have to watch the Grand Final from the sidelines. Needless to say, Stevan was one of the eighteen, but at least he was in ‘good’ company. This included a number of seasoned Eurovision professionals. Montenegro have now decided to sit out Eurovision completely. We miss them. But enjoy the country losing its Eurovision virginity.

Stevan is 35 today.

Срећан рођендан, Стеване!