20 January – You tell me about trains that keep leaving, and gypsies that move

We have a treat for you today. Greece has been one of the success stories of the post-semi-final era. Lots of good results, except for 2016 of course. So it’s good to look at the time when Greece entered songs that were amost completely overlooked. Some of them rightly so, but in this time of around 40 songs per contest, it’s easy to forget our history. So here’s a Greek one – which you knew already – from 1983. The Greek had a patchy relationship with the contest at that time, but today’s birthday girl Χρυσαυγή ‘Christie’ Στασινοπούλου/Chrisavgi ‘Christie’ Stassinopoulou did her best.

Christie is 61 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Christie!